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The iNaturalist Team

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CT Woodland Owners Wildlife Mointoring Project 

We need you!


The iNaturalist organization is an online tool for nature lovers to record their observations. The CT Woodland Owners Wildlife Monitoring Project became a distinct project on the iNaturalist platform in 2016 as a way for CT landowners to record wildlife and plant observations (link below). There is no restriction on acreage. The long-term goal is to establish a community of citizen scientists (you!) who record their observations over time. 


Why are your observations so important? First, boots on the ground: there are a limited number of staff available to monitor CT forests, so your observations help us keep track of what's happening. Second, our BirdHabitatBot prototype will be ready to test in early 2021. The observations from  these landowners properties will be invaluable in helping us track changes in the landscape after invasive species are removed.

Click on the link to our iNaturalist page below and take a look at what other CT landowners have recorded so far. 




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